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Nu Dolphin Touch Pro 4GB

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The Nu Dolphin Touch Pro 4GB waterproof MP3 is the ideal companion during water sports... or really any sports. It is a waterproof MP3 player which is fully functional in all weather conditions and can even go swimming with you since it is completely waterproof having being tested and complying to IPx8 international water resistant standards. It features a curved touch screen, weighs a mere 25g and has dimensions of 61 x 20 x 20mm making it not much larger than a ladies lipstick. Plus with the Dolphin Pro you can use the 5 minute quick charge feature which will then power the player for 120 minutes.

Waterproof MP3 player
Nu Dolphin waterproof MP3 players have been around a little while now and each generation improves upon the last and adds some further features and benefits. This new version is tested and complies with IPx8 International water resistant standard and is guaranteed water resistant down to 5 meters.

5 minute fast charge
With the unique fast charge feature the Nu Dolphin Touch Pro can be charged in just 5 minutes ready for a 2 hour work out... very handy if you forgot to charge your player!

In or out of water
The NU Dolphin Touch Pro has an impressive 4GB memory so this amphibious player can be used in and out of water ... simply adjust the sound quality through the EQ options to set your sound preference. Technology designed for both performance athletes and those who like even minor sporting activities this MP3 player meets all your requirements. Nu recommend the player being perfect for swimmers, surfers, snorkelers, joggers and cyclists... but really any sport where you might be out in the rain or causing your player to get spattered with sweat is the ideal situation for the Nu Dolphin Pro.

Waterproof earphones
The earphones feature a special non-woven fabric membrane to keep the speaker vibration plate dry while maintaining a high quality sound output. The earbuds have a soft silicon earplug that fits snugly in the ear canal. The earplugs not only keep the earphones dry but also prevent the earphones from coming loose during vigorous activities. The Dolphin Touch Pro features a standard 3.5mm earphone jack so any headphones can be used.

Nu Dolphin Touch Pro specifications:

- Audio codecs: MP3, WMA
- Battery: Lithium Ion
- Dimensions: 61x20x20mm
- Display Curved Touch Screen
- FM Radio
- Internal Memory 4GB
- Manufacturers Warranty 1 Year
- User Definable EQ
- Weight 32g
- Included: Waterproof MP3 player, waterproof headphones, USB cable, fluorescent straps, clip, cleaning cloth
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