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The Denver PFF-711 7 inch white FRAMEO Social Photo Frame provides a new type of social photo sharing, with friends privately pushing photos to your screen. Also available in black, with an IPS 1024x600 resolution screen and table stand, it’s a stylish addition to any room. It’s easy for anyone to set up and use, just pair the frame with WiFi, download the free FRAMEO app on your phone, push the photo with a message caption to the photo frame which beeps to let you know the photos is on screen to view. The perfect gift for anyone who loves photo updates from family and friends without having to trawl though all the other notifications on social media. The photo frame keeps your precious moments private, unlike social media apps, FRAMEO do not store or have any access to the photos, they’re saved only on your photo frame’s 8GB storage or your SD card. 

Stylish and easy to use

In stylish white with an IPS 1024x600 resolution screen, table stand and wall mount, it’s a stylish addition to any room. It’s easy for anyone to set up and use, with the FRAMEO software pre-installed and ready to go.

Private and free photo sharing over WiFi

Pair the photo frame with your home WiFi, ask friends and family to download FRAMEO app, add them to your friends list and they can send you pictures that are only stored on your frame or SD card, not in the app.

Personalise your photos for maximum enjoyment

The photographer can select the most important part of the picture to share and add a personalised message caption to make that loved one feel really special. View the image in either portrait or landscape format on the photo frame, in a rotation of between 10 seconds and 30 minutes.

Save thousands of photos from hundreds of friends & family on your photo frame

The 8GB internal storage allows you to store all your favourite photos, you can back them up to an SD card and upload other precious photos from an SD card, for even more happy viewing at your fingertips.


Denver PFF-710 specifications 

-          Smart 7” white digital Wi-Fi photo frame with IPS 1024x600 resolution touchscreen

-          Pair with WiFi and view photos via the pre-installed FRAMEO app

-          Ask friends to download the free FRAMEO app to their phone, to share photos with you      

-          8GB internal storage memory - save thousands of pictures directly onto the frame

-          Back up photos to an SD card, or upload more from an SD card

-          Add and delete FRAMEO friends directly from the touchscreen

-          Select the most important part of the photo to frame that area

-          Add personalised messages to photos

-          Landscape or portrait table stand and wall mountings

-          Set time for rotation of pictures between 10 seconds to 30 minutes

 -         Timer function to turn off automatically at night, eg between 23.00 and 8.00 hours

-          Screen brightness: 200cd/m2

-          Power supply: 100-240V~50-60Hz - 5V~2A 

-          Dimensions: 196 (w) x 127 (h) x 17.5 (d) mm

-          Weight: 0.3 kg

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