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The Denver MCA-230 CD micro system in a glossy black and chrome finish looks impressive and is so compact it will fit almost anywhere.  The top loading CD player is compatible with CD-R and CD-RW discs and you can play your music as standard, on repeat or programme up to 20 tracks to play in your chosen order.  Connect your MP3 player via the aux-in socket or plug in your TV or record player for enhanced sound.  Other features include a PLL FM radio with 20 preset stations, 24 hour alarm clock with snooze function and sleep timer, LCD display, remote control and headphone jack.


CD player with playback

Choose your CD and simply place it in the top loading CD player.  Listen to your music in standard order, on repeat, or programme up to 20 tracks to play in an order of your choice.  The track number is displayed on the LCD screen with blue backlight.


PLL FM stereo radio

Tune into your chosen radio station and preset up to 20 of your favourite FM channels for easy switching.  Your selected station is displayed on the LCD screen.


Aux-in for MP3 connection

The aux-in socket enables phone, iPod and MP3 connection to further your music choice.  Plug in your TV or record player for enhanced sound.


Alarm clock with snooze function and sleep timer

Set the clock to 12 or 24 hour and the built-in alarm will keep you right on time.  Drift off to sleep calmly to the sound of your favourite CD or radio station which can be set to switch off automatically up to a time of 90 minutes.  Choose to wake up by CD, radio or buzzer and press the snooze button if you’re not quite ready to face the day.   The time is clearly displayed on the LCD screen so you’ve no excuse to be late!


Remote control

Sit back and relax!  The fully functional remote control enables you to operate the Denver MCA-230 from wherever you are in the room.


Headphone jack

The headphone jack gives you the option to listen to your music in private.


Denver MCA-230 specifications

-          Micro system with top loading CD player

-          PLL FM stereo radio

-          CD-R/CD-RW compatible

-          24 hour alarm clock

-          Wake up to CD, radio or buzzer

-          Snooze function and sleep timer

-          LCD display with blue backlight

-          1-way speaker boxes

-          Aux-in for connection to phone, MP3 players etc.

-          Remote control included

-          Power supply: 230V~50HZ 

-          Dimensions: 380(W) x 209(D) mm x 129(H)          

-          Unit weight: 2.11kg

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Customer Reviews

Received as stated, however after unpacking and setting up, found the cd player didn't work. You cannot get any answer if you call the company, but did answer emails promptly, however had to return and now waiting a refund.... I was also charged delivery so I had better get refunded both the product and delivery!! (Posted on 05/01/2018)
Great quality and delivery Review by Sarah
So far so good, exactly what I wanted a cute little CD player that is cheap but doesn't look too cheap and plays my cds! Thank you. (Posted on 10/07/2017)
What's not to like? Review by Thomas
I bought this after the lid on my old CD player wouldn't close.

It's for my bedroom and fits perfectly on my shelf. It's very stylish and will fit in with any room decor. Mine is a NYC room.

This being on the other side of my room the alarm certainly gets me out of bed in the morning much better than my mobile phone does and I really like the fact that you can set it so it plays a CD. What's better than waking up to your favourite song? I wasn't sure how to disable the alarm for days off but I simply popped a question onto 3wisemonkeys amazon page and they gave a fact, simply reply which I found a great deal of help.

I read a couple of reviews saying the sound was very poor so kept my old speakers but I didn't have to swap swap them over. I'm not sure how loud people like their music but I play music while cleaning upstairs in my house with no problem.

While it's not portable you can unplug the device from the lead with a simple pu of the load from device with our found very helpful as with my old player in have to unscrew the plug and push the pins through a hole in her back of my shelf (tall bookcase) to hide the wires. This is a much more sufficient way.

The only qualm I have is that the plug is rather large so I did have to pull my furniture out to be able to fit it in. It's not a standard plug length which I feel will benefit more people.

All in all, a wonderful product and I definitely reccomend.

(Posted on 14/03/2017)

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