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Denver DVH-7784 Small Multi Region DVD Player with 1080p Upscaling, HDMI and USB

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The Denver DVH-7783 is a compact multi region two channel DVD player which also has a HDMI port to upscale your DVDs to near Blu-Ray quality. This is a multi region DVD player which means you can play DVDs purchased from anywhere worldwide, it supports AVI / DivX / Xvid movies so you can play movies downloaded from the internet and it also supports music playback. With USB input for playback of movies and photos. All this is encased in a very compact DVD player shell measuring a mere 225 (w) x 21 (d) x 48 (h) mm, which means its footprint is smaller than a sheet of standard A4 paper.

The Denver DVH-7784 is a multi region DVD player 

Being a multi region DVD it can play DVD discs purchased anywhere worldwide. DVD discs come region encoded as do most DVD players meaning in Europe we can play European bought DVD discs on our European coded DVD players. However a multi region DVD player means that the player can be set to non region specific which means it can then play DVDs purchased anywhere.

Upscaling DVD 

With the integrated HDMI port this DVD player gives out an upscaled definition picture to your TV so that you get a near HD quality picture from your standard DVD discs. Video output can be set to up to 1080p (1920 x 1080 resolution).

AVI / DivX / Xvid support 

It also supports AVI format movies which means you can use this player to play downloaded internet content. Movies from the internet are invariably downloaded in DivX or Xvid format and can play the current AVI encoded in this format.

Music, photos and other video supported 

This player doesn't just stop at being a multi region DVD with AVI/DivX/Xvid support. It also supports dvd-r/rw, dvd+r/rw, jpeg images and photo's, vcd movies and picture CDs.

Connect to your home cinema system

Built in stereo Dolby Digital Surround Sound decoder and optical audio output socket for connecting this multi region DVD player straight to your home audio cinema system.

Connections & sockets 

There are all the connections you are going to need on the rear of this player including HDMI, Scart, composite video, component video for upscaled standard analogue connections and S-video as well as standard stereo component RCA connection and optical audio output.

Product Details 

- 2 channel DVD player with HDMI connection 
- USB input for playback of movies & photos
- Multi Region, region free
- Hdmi resolution up to 1080p (1920x1080)
- Pal/ntsc compatible
- Built-in stereo dolby digital surround sound decoder
- Optical output for connection with amplifier
- On screen display
- Multi angle function
- Selectable screen format (4:3/16:9)
- Full function remote control
- Connections: HDMI, Scart, Optical, video, USB input
- Unit size: 225 (w) x 210 (d) x 48 (h) mm 

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Customer Reviews

Good value little dvd player Review by MARTIN
Bought some dvds that turned out to be American. Needed a cheap multi-zone dvd player. This was less than £30. Works well does what you would expect.
Shame it does not come with cables but not many devices do now. Pleased with the purchase. (Posted on 03/03/2018)
Multi region player Review by William
Great value for multi region DVD player.
This replaced an older Denver DVD player and is a great improvement.
Only main criticism is the original instruction book had far more set up information in,. (Posted on 01/03/2018)
Great little dvd Review by Angela
A great little dvd, good quality perfect for taking away to our caravan holidays and using in the house. (Posted on 28/02/2018)
Would recommend Review by MARTIN
Great little DVD player. Good value for money. (Posted on 15/02/2018)
Fab item. Review by lesley
Bought this to play all region DVDs. Great item. (Posted on 20/01/2018)

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